Wisdom at the Top

Wisdom at the Top“Between his own experience as a CEO and his gift for bringing out candor in others, Scott Rosen has written an insightful and useful book on leadership.”
Liz Dow, President, Leadership Inc.

“Scott Rosen puts a human face on the CEO suite by showing us the experiences that shaped the our most influential business leaders. He shows what it takes to become a business leader and what we can learn about how to get there ourselves.”
Peter Cappelli, George W. Taylor Professor of Management Director
Center for Human Resources, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

“At a tumultuous time when business leaders have been painted with a broad brush as being self-centered, greedy, and detached, Scott Rosen has done something very special which contradicts this perceived wisdom of the moment. While the book’s focus is local, the lessons are universal. These stories are timely reminder that talented CEOs who genuinely drive business growth through honest and fair competition remain essential to our nation’s economic prosperity.”
Mitch Wienick, President/CEO of Kelleher Associates and formerly President/CEO of CDI Corporation

Scott Rosen’s book, Wisdom at the Top, features exclusive interviews with 35 of the Greater Philadelphia area’s elite CEOs. Through candid conversations, they share inspiring stories of how they achieved success while overcoming personal and professional challenges. Readers will gain invaluable knowledge and wisdom from seasoned professionals who have made it to the top. Yet these stories also offer lessons on life and leadership that transcend the business world.

Wisdom at the Top will resonate with all who aspire to leadership positions and want to make important contributions to our economy, as well as the greater good.