10 science-backed strategies to try if you’re stressed about COVID-19

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10 science-backed strategies to try if you’re stressed about COVID-19

A clinical psychologist explains the simplest things to do to ease anxiety during the pandemic.


If you find it hard to stay calm during this COVID-19 pandemic, you are not alone. From the constant news updates telling you about the most recent death counts or border closings to the long lines at your local grocery store and the stock market gyrations, it is hard not to feel the effects of this health crisis. If you are lucky, your business can still be run remotely without much impact on your bottom line. But if you are in the hospitality, restaurant, travel or event business, it’s having a serious effect.

No matter who you are, feeling stressed and afraid is a normal response to an illness about which there is still so much to learn and a health crisis for which the country seems unprepared. But even if you don’t succumb to the coronavirus, the chronic stress that may result from constant fear and anxiety about the illness, and the isolation caused by social distancing and quarantine, can cause physical symptoms of its own. Read more

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5 ways the COVID-19 crisis will transform HR’s role

by Tim McElgunn March 24, 2020

HR Morning

Human Resources is at the front lines of employers’ response to the COVID-19 crisis.

The crisis is forcing almost every business to immediately develop, adapt or improve remote work policies and procedures.

As HR pros struggle to keep employees safe and informed, it helps to think about what changes will be more permanent and how you’ll guide employees and organizational leadership through those changes.

Here are 5 effects that you’ll likely be dealing with long after things return to “normal.” Read more

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Free Tools, Resources, and Financial Help for Business Owners Hit by Covid-19

Several companies are extending a hand to small-business owners navigating the coronavirus crisis.

By Inc. Staff

A growing number of companies are offering their online tools, classes, and resources at no cost in response to the impact on small-business owners from the coronavirus. Below is a list that Inc. is curating and continuously updating.

Note: The federal government and several states also are stepping up to offer emergency financial resources for small businesses. Read more

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Some Tips on How to Stay Sane in a World That Isn’t

By Katherine Rosman, The New York Times

The coronavirus outbreak has magnified all kinds of fears. Try living in the moment. Take stock of what’s working. Turn off the television.

Erasing anxiety from daily life isn’t an option for most people today. But therapists, clergy and meditation specialists say there are simple and accessible ways to overcome debilitating panic. Read more

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5 things to know about the new coronavirus paid leave law

A number of small businesses are “despondent,” one source told HR Dive. But there’s hope the federal government could soften the law’s impact.

AUTHOR Ryan Golden

U.S. small businesses and their employees are living through unprecedented times. As the COVID-19 epidemic continues, many are concerned with the day-to-day as state and local governments close or otherwise restrict business operations to halt the spread of the disease.

Amid fears of a declining economy, Congress passed and President Donald Trump signed into law emergency legislation. The Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) includes several provisions, but two of them have a particular impact on employers with fewer than 500 employees. Such firms employed 47%, or some 59.9 million people in the U.S. in 2019, according to data from the U.S. Small Business Administration — just shy of half the country’s workforce. Read more

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Why your mental health may be suffering in the COVID-19 pandemic

By Laura Santhanam March 19, 20202

Social distancing is the most effective tool the United States has to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus, but mental health experts warn that the isolation, combined with the stress of coping with a global pandemic and the disruption summoned by the virus, could brew a toxic environment for people grappling with mental health issues. Read more

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These fitness studios are live-streaming workout classes for free during the coronavirus outbreak


The majority of gym chains across the U.S. closed their doors this week to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Now, fitness centers including Orangetheory, Gold’s Gym, Blink Fitness, Crunch Fitness, LA Fitness, Life Time Fitness, Equinox, 24 Hour Fitness and others will remain closed for the foreseeable future. 

Working up a sweat and staying healthy while stuck at home can be difficult — but not impossible. Fitness studios have come up with a creative solution to keep you moving: live-streamed and recorded digital classes you can join from anywhere.  Read more

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5 tips to manage coronavirus anxiety

BY Rachel Ranosa 16 Mar 2020

Media reports – mixed with fake news – about the novel coronavirus COVID-19 may be inducing fear and panic across communities. But feeling overwhelmed is understandable, experts believe.

“It’s getting a lot of media coverage, and most of that coverage is a bit apocalyptic,” says David Price, workplace wellbeing expert and CEO of Health Assured, an employee assistance platform.

“It’s natural to be stressed at a time like this,” he tells HRD. Read more

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9 Tips To Be Productive When Working At Home During COVID-19


Bryan Robinson, Contributor

During the COVID-19 outbreak, many companies are suggesting—even requiring—that more employees work from home. Working from home can be a lonely enterprise in this era of social distancing, but it doesn’t have to be. For those who are not used to working at home or who don’t have an organized work station, distractions can disrupt your productivity. After all, you’re in your personal space, not your usual professional environment.  Read more

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What are the HR best practices worth following?

The best HR practices lead to improved business performance regardless of the type of business or industry

BY Geraldine Grones

Nowadays, HR is no longer merely an administrative or reactive field – it can pave the way for positive business change. The best HR practices lead to improved business performance regardless of the type of business or industry.

Here are some of the HR best practices that organizations should consider implementing: Read more