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Why your mental health may be suffering in the COVID-19 pandemic

By Laura Santhanam March 19, 20202

Social distancing is the most effective tool the United States has to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus, but mental health experts warn that the isolation, combined with the stress of coping with a global pandemic and the disruption summoned by the virus, could brew a toxic environment for people grappling with mental health issues. Read more

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These fitness studios are live-streaming workout classes for free during the coronavirus outbreak


The majority of gym chains across the U.S. closed their doors this week to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Now, fitness centers including Orangetheory, Gold’s Gym, Blink Fitness, Crunch Fitness, LA Fitness, Life Time Fitness, Equinox, 24 Hour Fitness and others will remain closed for the foreseeable future. 

Working up a sweat and staying healthy while stuck at home can be difficult — but not impossible. Fitness studios have come up with a creative solution to keep you moving: live-streamed and recorded digital classes you can join from anywhere.  Read more

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5 tips to manage coronavirus anxiety

BY Rachel Ranosa 16 Mar 2020

Media reports – mixed with fake news – about the novel coronavirus COVID-19 may be inducing fear and panic across communities. But feeling overwhelmed is understandable, experts believe.

“It’s getting a lot of media coverage, and most of that coverage is a bit apocalyptic,” says David Price, workplace wellbeing expert and CEO of Health Assured, an employee assistance platform.

“It’s natural to be stressed at a time like this,” he tells HRD. Read more

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9 Tips To Be Productive When Working At Home During COVID-19


Bryan Robinson, Contributor

During the COVID-19 outbreak, many companies are suggesting—even requiring—that more employees work from home. Working from home can be a lonely enterprise in this era of social distancing, but it doesn’t have to be. For those who are not used to working at home or who don’t have an organized work station, distractions can disrupt your productivity. After all, you’re in your personal space, not your usual professional environment.  Read more

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What are the HR best practices worth following?

The best HR practices lead to improved business performance regardless of the type of business or industry

BY Geraldine Grones

Nowadays, HR is no longer merely an administrative or reactive field – it can pave the way for positive business change. The best HR practices lead to improved business performance regardless of the type of business or industry.

Here are some of the HR best practices that organizations should consider implementing: Read more

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13 reward & recognition tactics guaranteed to keep employees engaged

by Andrea Rich
July 31, 2019

Since there are more jobs than qualified candidates in this tight labor market, you’re probably doing what you can to keep the talent you have intent on staying with your company and doing their best work.

But will that be enough?

A big part of that answer depends on how well you reward and recognize employees.

Here’s why.

In a recent CareerBuilder survey, 50% of employees said they would stay at their current job if they were tangibly recognized for their efforts. The same survey showed 40% wouldn’t bother to go above and beyond their assigned job duties if they don’t feel meaningfully recognized. Read more



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Why HR should connect performance management and learning

Matthew Brown, VP of Learning and Brand Success, Schoox
July 31, 2019

A lot has changed in the HR, learning and talent development arena since I dedicated my professional career to this space 15-plus years ago. No doubt you’re familiar with and experiencing the shifts in the talent pool, the complex demands of today’s modern workforce and the ever-increasing speed of business changes today.

The impact those demands have had on recruiting, retention, learning, development, talent strategy, not to mention employee productivity and performance has left many HR professionals wondering… what exactly is HR’s value proposition and function?  Read more

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Boost employee engagement with these key people skills

With all the talk about “employee engagement,” it’s only fair to ask, “Can I really get all the people in my organization to give their best – every day?”

The short answer is probably not “all.” But with the right amount of effort you can get “most” of them to give their best … most of the time. And that’s a lot better than where most companies are right now.

Boiled down to its simplest parts, employee engagement is about connecting with employees and getting them focused. It requires an ongoing and consistent effort by managers to bring out the best in people. Read more

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Three Ways To Ensure HR Processes Motivate And Serve Employees, Not Just HR

Diane Strohfus
Diane Strohfus is CHRO of Betterworks

Employee motivation is mission-critical for any organization, from startups to well-established companies. Motivated employees tend to align the company’s purpose with their own, demonstrate more innovative problem-solving and drive more impact. I’ve learned that if your organization isn’t actively working to ensure employees are motivated, engaged and aligned with your mission, you risk falling behind the competition and staying there. Read more

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Boost engagement now:

15 easy ways to recognize & reward your employees

HR Morning
February 6, 2019

Now more than ever, employers are seeing how important it is to keep their staff happy and motivated at work. It just makes good business sense – satisfied, engaged employees work harder, produce better work and stick around longer. 

Not to mention, in this tight labor market, companies are having to go the extra mile to hang on to their best employees. With unemployment at a near record low and more open positions than candidates to fill them, replacing departing employees can be an overwhelming challenge.  Read more