Two Sides of the Story-Matching Clients with Contractors

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Two Sides of the Story-Matching Clients with Contractors

The Rosen Group is one of very few firms in the NJ, NY, PA, and DE area that focuses on one, single area all day, every day – recruiting and assessing HR talent! We have a database of thousands of HR executives with a wide range of experience, expertise and talent at all levels all the way up to the VP HR level.

This article focuses on the experience of both the client and contractor, and how finding the right candidate to fit into your company’s culture is key.

Laura Pierce, HR Director from Houghton International for the Americas, started using the Rosen Group about 6 months ago to fill various HR positions.  Her experience has been excellent.  She described Scott Rosen, President of the Rosen Group, as extraordinarily knowledgeable.  The turnaround time in placing a contractor is very fast, and the quality of service is excellent.  Scott always provides a wide range of people to choose from.  She said the candidates presented “hit the nail on the head in terms of competencies”.

Recently Laura was looking to fill an HR Project role.  The position was filled with Margie McLaughlin, a long time client of the Rosen Group.  After being a client for 20 years, Margie now had the opportunity to become a contractor for the Rosen Group.

Scott spoke with both Margie to see what her interest was in the HR Project role and then submitted her as a candidate to Laura.  After 2 phone interviews Margie was hired. Margie says this new role is amazing!  She enjoys working with Laura and using her creativity and applying her knowledge and best practices to her new company.

Margie would recommend the Rosen Group to both clients and contractors looking for positions in the HR field.  “I have used the Rosen group for 20 years and have never been disappointed.  Now, as a contractor, it was a very pleasant experience.  I couldn’t recommend the Rosen Group more highly!”

As you can see, this was a great placement!  Both the client and the contractor are very pleased with the overall experience using the Rosen Group.  In the end, Laura Pierce said, “I am always impressed and extremely happy.  I will go to the Rosen Group first for help filling HR roles.”

We want to thank both Laura and Margie for sharing their experience with Scott Rosen and the Rosen Group.  It’s always a pleasure to hear the great experiences of our clients and contractors.  If you are in need of filling an HR role, or looking for contract positions in any area of Human Resources, we would love to hear from you! Please email to connect with the Rosen Group.

If you have an experience you would like to share (as a contractor or client), please contact our Marketing Manager, Lynda Cusano.