Reviewing the Review

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Reviewing the Review

Many managers hate giving out performance reviews. The process has a nasty reputation, since employees often hate getting any kind of criticism, no matter how diplomatically delivered. And managers often lack the courage necessary to tell people the truth about how they are doing in their job.

But performance appraisals are an important tool to developing a top-notch staff and, therefore, a vital part of managing a team. So every manager needs to think about how to institutionalize the review process.

You can get in the habit of offering praise and weeding out underperformers by following these guidelines:

  • Appraisals must be based on quantitative measurements. Ideally, these criteria should be developed with the input of employees, as workers are less apt to identify and accept quotas and other measurements handed down from on high.
  • Qualitative measurements should be a secondary element of any review, things like whether a team member takes initiative, how he works with the group, etc.
  • Performance reviews should be conducted on a regularly scheduled basis. New hires should receive reviews more frequently. Established employees should be reviewed quarterly.
  • Managers should take time to prepare and conduct reviews thoughtfully. It isn’t time wasted, but time well-invested.
  • Finally, managers should remember that when done with enthusiasm and optimism, performance appraisals are a powerful motivating tool.

-adapted from Entrepreneur