A Refreshingly Pragmatic Approach to HR Technology Consulting

In coordination with our partner HRComputes, we ensure your HR technology backbone is providing you with functionality, information, and features that are ideally suited for your specific organization – your needs, your culture. From conducting an audit of your current system to identifying gaps based on your requirements, to the more robust process of establishing the scope and zeroing in on the best-matching systems that transform your HR function, to then providing support for its deployment, we bring decades of HR technology experience to help you get the most out of your HR technology infrastructure.

We get results by cutting through the distractions and taking an objective, comprehensive and pragmatic approach.

Get the specifics on the HR technology consulting services we offer and learn how we can transform your HR systems to complement your organization’s vision and your employees’ needs.

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    “Our partner, HRComputes brings a transformational perspective to the management of human resources, uniquely qualified to craft strategy while synchronizing departments and process throughout the enterprise.”
    – Scott Rosen, President, Rosen Group

    Unlock Your HR Potential

    Why Choose HR Technology Consulting via Our Partner, HRComputes
    • Extensive experience and track record working with global enterprises
    • Successful industry-dedicated expertise
    • Senior, most experienced executives are hands-on, daily
    • Unique C-Level, big picture perspective
    • An agnostic point of view enables objective analysis and recommendations
    • State-of-the-art technological capabilities
    • Cross-platform analysis and implementation
    • HR systems is all HRComputes does
    • Quicker turnaround of results and reports
    • More favorable fee structure
    • Results – if you’re not satisfied,  we’re not satisfied

    Hosted by Scott Rosen from Rosen Group and featuring industry expert, Morris Yankell from our partner, HRComputes, this one-hour conversation among the panelists and from questions asked by participants, covered:

    • Latest trends in HR tech (especially during the pandemic)
    • Typical challenges in improving and deploying HR tech systems
    • Advice for selling proposed HR tech to your stakeholders
    • Best practices for deploying HR tech in your organization

    Watch it now on the Rosen Group YouTube channel!