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Leading from Within Executive Coaching For HR Professionals

Executive Coaching for Building Leadership Skills

You will learn, through mindful meditation, techniques that will help you realize greater influence, effectiveness, and leadership presence from the “inside out.” Provided by Meditation4Leadership, a pioneer in leadership building through meditation and mindfulness practices, we customize a program to help you become the best version of yourself to support your personal and professional development goals.

Designed to address the realities and challenges facing HR leaders today, such as the stress around Covid response, talent acquisition, and getting more done with less staff, our unique model helps you explore specific leadership traits around awareness, connection, perspective, and potential that are proven to enhance effectiveness and impact.. Graduates of our program often experience:

  • Greater clarity
  • Better focus
  • More resilience
  • Deeper empathy
  • Less reactivity
  • Higher stress tolerance

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Meditation 4 Leadership

Leading from Within Executive Coaching for HR Professionals is provided by Rosen Group partner, Meditation4Leadership. Meditation4Leadership is a non-profit organization whose mission is to build leadership skills and enhance wellness by teaching meditation to business, nonprofit and community leaders, resulting in improved individual and organizational performance.

Using language that resonates within an organization’s culture, Meditation4Leadership facilitators teach participants to develop their own powers of observation through the practice of meditation. Meditation builds awareness, which leads to enhanced perspective and connections with others, resulting in expansion of potential.

Career Coaching

Realize your HR career goals with specialized one-on-one career coaching from the Rosen Group

As an HR professional, you know that career goals are realized with strategic thinking, job performance, networking ability, perseverance and personal accountability. That’s what you’ve told others, but what about you? The career satisfaction, change agency, influence and organizational impact you wish to have require the same level of planning and execution. Let the Rosen Group’s career coaching get you where you want to be.

Our career coaching services include exploration and refining of your:

  • Background, Experience and Education
  • Resume – Strengths and Development needs
  • Career Goals and Plan
  • Types of positions sought
  • Geography
  • Networking plan and results
  • Use of Job Boards
  • Entrepreneurial options
  • Stress Management
  • Sleep, Nutrition, Exercise
  • Resilience level

Put Our Experience to Work for You

Our coaching program is led by Rosen Group founder and CEO, Scott Rosen and his 20-year background as an operational and HR Executive with such blue-chip organizations as GE Capital, Travelers, and Cigna as well as his past 25 years in creating and managing Rosen Group – one of the country’s most reliable HR boutique staffing firm.

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“A true partner in the process”

Salveson Stetson Group

“Scott listened attentively to my circumstance and developed a plan to assist me. He was a true partner in the process and helped me to clarify my areas expertise and develop a strong professional network.

Scott delivers exceptional career coaching skills and guidance. In our weekly sessions Scott supports my success with candor and specific action items. I look forward to our meetings and appreciate Scott’s feedback for resume content, virtual interview presentation, and professional networking.

I have already recommended Scott to a few friends who are in transition and know that he will assist me to identify and secure my new position. I highly recommend Scott as a trusted Career Coach.”

– Barbara Swenson