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Overview of Book and Project

  • Scott Rosen, David Pinette and John Touey are co authoring a book to be published by the end of 2016. The book title is “A Powerful Team- How CEOS and Their HR Leaders are Transforming Organizations”.
  • There are also plans for a book tour including facilitated conversations with CEOs and their CHROs , and a marketing/communications initiative including a website/blog/social media/email campaign devoted to highlighting the value and importance of HR as seen from a CEOS point of view . With so much negativity surrounding the value of HR, we believe strongly in elevating the credibility of our function and feel this is a powerful way to do so.
  • Below is the list of companies and their HR Leaders that will be included in the book.
Company HR Leader CEO
Tyco Larry Costello George Oliver
NFI Nancy Stefanowicz Sid Brown
Publicis Healthcare Andrew Adams Michelle Keefe
Citadel Margolit Hilsberg Jeff March
Rentokil Scott Cook John Meyers
TeleRx Dave Desch Linda Schellinger
Lassonde Anne Novak Mark McNeil
Ricoh Americas Donna Venable Martin Brodigan
Houghton Kym Johnson Mike Shannon
Virtua Rhonda Jordan Richard Miller
PMA Andy McGill Vincent Donnelly
Tekni Plex Rochelle Krombolz Paul Young
Teleflex Cam Hicks Benson Smith

Initial Key Findings

  • CEOs interviewed believe the HR leader should have a role in the organization equal to the COO, CFO, and other leaders on the business side of operations.
  • The HR leader’s and team’s understanding of the business has to be equal to or greater than their understanding of HR issues.  The CEO needs to see the HR leader as an equal on the leadership team.
  • A major role played by HR is in finding out what employees truly think about the company and acting on that information to improve culture.  A positive and engaged culture plays a critical role in driving results.
  • The HR person needs to take a pro-active lead in establishing that relationship, not by adhering to HR’s traditional roles, but by searching out ways to add value to the organization, by complementing the CEO’s talents and abilities, and by looking for ways to make a major impact on the company’s performance.
  • An HR leader needs to be strategic and not reactive or tactical.  The strategy and tactics of the HR team need to match the overall strategy and tactics of the business.
  • Positive cultural changes can drive a company’s performance, and those changes cannot take place without the strategic orientation of the HR team.  A large part of this is teaching employees throughout every level of the organization about their strategic role in the company—what they need to know and do to drive performance.


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